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How to Find Out Your Color Season! – Infographic

We’ve all experienced it.  You put on a beautiful new dress, with the perfect accessories, new hair style and your makeup is flawless. But something just isn’t right after taking that last look in your full length mirror before stepping out the door.  You can’t put your finger on it because you know how gorgeous you should look right now.  Well, chances are you’re wearing a color that clashes with your features and complexion.  That’s right, the color scheme you’ve chosen for your garments could be the culprit.

Every woman (and man) has a color tone (warm/cool) that falls into four seasons (winter, spring, summer, and fall).  Choosing the right colors for your clothing could result in a healthy glow, highlighting your facial features for the better.  On the other hand, wearing the wrong colors could dull your face making blemishes and other imperfections stand out.

I know, you’re wondering “What is a color season?” and “How do I know my color tone?”.  The first step is to figure out if you have a warm (spring and fall) or cool (summer and winter) color tone.  What color is your hair?  What color are your eyes? Once you have those answers, see the infographic below:

Pro 185-01

So are you a…

  1. Summer
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Fall

Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for the next part where I tell you which colors work best for your season!

Leave your cash at home. Let’s Beam!


Technology has been thriving to make things easier by concentrating one device with everything that a human being would use on a daily basis. If you are living in the 21st century, then you must be aware of the fact that the most important part of our lives is having a smartphone that can get almost everything done for us. You have your contacts, calculator, reminders, to-do lists, books, music, clock, camera…and the list goes on, in one place. But let’s get into the fancy stuff that is slowly and gradually helping you get over the necessity of carrying a wallet.

Tech giants consider having a wallet a burden, which to be honest really is a burden, at least to me. Now, if you are thinking that the idea of a wallet has been replaced with a debit or a credit card then you are certainly wrong. What if I told you that there is a smartphone application that would let you ditch your wallet?

I was delighted when I first heard about it and most of the people who are sick of carrying a baby dinosaur sized wallet with them. Maybe it’s just a personal preference, but I certainly don’t like to have to carry it around whenever I need to grab a cup of coffee from the coffee shop next to my office or even go grocery shopping for the house at the end of each week. Fortunately, there is a way around this, you now only have to carry your smartphone with an application named, Beam, installed on it. Beam lets your phone act as your credit card, so you no more have to carry around your purse or wallet. Simply open the application and walk into a store that supports Beam. Open the application and with the touch of the screen you can pay for that of you wish to buy. You also get extra points whenever you pay using Beam, which you can redeem later on in the same shop, which we can all agree is always a bonus!

You must be wondering about the pay-offs while using the system and I cannot think of a single payoff that one has to compromise on for using the system, keeping in mind the smartphone device is now much more secure than a couple of years back. Beam is a very secure way of payments and you don’t have to wait in queues or don’t have to worry about an ATM machine not working properly, because you no longer require the use for keeping cash on you.

Beam is growing with a very swift pace, as of now it is being supported in 1200 stores throughout the UAE and the network is growing every month. You can now use Beam at Carrefour, Subway, ALDO, Tommy Hilfiger, Geant, Inglot, Nine West, VOX cinemas, Circle K, Chillis, Tim Hortons, Costa and more. I have already stopped carrying my purse and the extremely uncomfortable coins when going to these places, when are you planning on joining the cool club?

Download Beam Wallet from App Store or Google Play now.

~ Sondos Shapsogh